Guns, God and Bigotry


Any lie
will do.
Manifest claims
the land from east to west –
it is destined to be owned,
shore begets shore
buffalo roam no more-
any lie
will do.

Black man was born in Kenya,
brown man is a rapist,
rebel flag means southern culture,
white man’s syndrome
says this –
the topic of slavery is
since any lie
will do.

Belted kingfisher rattles,
I want a maraca too.
Geckos repeat their clicking,
I want a clicker too.
Howler monkeys are howling.
I’ll howl like a banshee too.
Since nothing is so true
as that any lie
will do.

When Oklahoma’s weather
comes to Michigan’s Sault,
when the polar bears are found
only in manmade zoos,
when the oceans rise
and the shores recede
have I got a lie for you.

The witch of Salem has returned,
her magic did it –
it’s true!
For I’ve said it before,
and I’ll say it again,
that any lie
will do.


December 2016