Don’t touch

Hey you, archaeologist,
this piece of porcelain
is fragile.
She didn’t ask you
to mark her
with your heavy paws.
She breaks
when you play with
her like
GI Joe-
falls into pieces-
splinters off-
even with a strong adhesive.
Flickers of bone and soul
are gone forever
and the lines-
those shadows
are permanent.
She Breaks damn you!

This piece of porcelain
does not belong to you.
She is unique,
none like her in
all the world.
She is a singular
piece of work,
beautiful in her tones,
the curves-
those patterns three dimensional,
promising more.
But she does not
belong to you!
So keep your grubby
paws off!

Hey you, archaeologist-
someday this piece of porcelain
just might break
on top of your skull-
crack your head
wide open.



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