when columbus discovered america

“Nothing comes easily to you human creature
least of all the skill to live humanely”


welcome you, welcome
to this fair land
of green
green as the moist food
you eat
plenty as the jingle in you
piggy bank
golden as the picture maiden’s
i say to you
entrance knob to the unknown
you are
explored, a myth,
a challenge
to viking prospects
of noble heritage
come in
owner of your good fortune
counted in dividends
and shared earnings
i say to you
come in!
prospector, miner,
blacksmith, doctor,
stability built
into a sold wall
of crowning
i say to you
you are

american sweet


i am not easy
i am not uneasy
but i am not easy

i speak in the present
while living in the past
where i dream of the future

i am silence is golden
in a meandering tongue
unknown to pure english speakers

i am aa bond
stocked in c blood
for b plus people

i am a child
with a woman’s heart
in a man’s body

i am a crystal mirror
where no light penetrates
except dark reflections

i am the driver
for a for-passenger-only car
on a no-lane highway

i am the question
i seek to answer
with no picture words

i am the dreamer
with the realistic mind
of a pessimist

hello to america
hello to earth
farewell to me

i am not easy
i am not uneasy
but i am not easy


through dying C
through dying through lying
through crying
through trying to comfort
you C
my home my home
comfort dispersed
when i found out
what you are A
how you came to be me
how i came to be you
A A aaaa


where are we going america?
to the future
to the past
or where
shall i take this question?

o christmas tree
o christmas tree
string you answers too?

are my jolly eyes deceiving you
oh wondrous mystic
of steady employment
here i am! catch phrases
caught me?

caught caught caught
in dreams dreams

i am packing my bag america
flying the coop when the next war comes
shall i ride
and you will have my address,
dear as you are,
to send me picture post cards
of all the dead heroes
for christmas


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