Language and games

Language and games


‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’ George Orwell


Over time these words of ours

lose their meaning.

Something bad is good

while an entitlement isn’t earned.


It is avarice that seeps like a leech,

bleeding each letter –

their corpses are dry.

Lifeless and useless they become

as a mockingbird

taunts while flying by.


All below the bird is still.

These meanings play

games and on more than

one occasion –

this language of man

turns lifeless

In the barren land –

money soaked, it is heartless.


Fewer words, more or less –

the founders framed us,

refining to suit

a game of concert.

If we don’t remember

how it is done in meter –

then we can pick up embers

and die from

the wit of it.


Alas these alternative facts

embolden the brainless;

that droopy and dying flower –

emblem of this age of endless lies.




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